1. When booking a booth for the evening please make sure all those in your booth are in your 'support bubble' or you are not attending with 'more than one other household'.

  2. Click on the GREEN or ORANGE TICKET icon.

  3. Click on the 'BUY ON MAP' option.

  4. Choose your booth by clicking on it.

  5. Proceed to Checkout and purchase.

  • 4 person booth is PURPLE.

  • 6 person booth is YELLOW.



  1. Please arrive before 11pm. We reserve the right to sell booths on after this time.

  2. Please arrive as a group and at the same time. We will not allow groups to enter without all members of the group present, as only one ticket is issued to the booth purchaser.

  3. Please bring ID. We will not allow entry to anyone without ID (no matter how old you are, or look!) in order to comply with track and trace regulations.